Meltem Yalinay

Gazi University,

Prof. Meltem Yalınay, MD, PhD
Meltem Yalınay has been graduated from TED Ankara College and Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. She is a Clinical Microbiologist and has PhD degree on Medical Biology and Genetics and PhD on Clinical Psychology. She is Professor at Medical Microbiology Dep. at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine and director of Molecular Microbiology Laboratory. Her medical interests are gut microbiota, its metagenomic analysis, probiotics and personalized medicine using gut microbiota profiles. She has a trademark “myBIOTİC” from Turkish Patent Institute related to this issue. She is currently the director of “Turkish Probiotic Guideline”. She is the chairman of the Microbiota and Probiotics (Microbiome) Board. She is interested in personalized preventive medicine approach against chronic inflammations and modulation of microbiota, probiotics, mainly on healthy living conditions and personalized support of treatment in prominent diseases.