Marco Goeijenbier

Spaarne Gasthuis & Erasmus MC,
the Netherlands

Dr. Marco Goeijenbier graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a medical degree in 2010, followed by a degree in biomedical science from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2012. He completed his PhD in virology, focusing on “Haemostasis and Virus Infection,” at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2015.
Currently serving as a specialist in acute internal medicine and critical care at Spaarne Hospital in Haarlem, the Netherlands. His expertise spans various aspects of infectious diseases, particularly in critical care medicine and viral infections.
In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Goeijenbier holds a research position at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, where he mentors PhD students exploring critical care medicine and viral infections. His research interests focus on severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) pathogenesis, epidemiology, and their interaction with the coagulation system.

Dr. Goeijenbier is the Chair of the Influenza Diabetes Community (IDC). The IDC connects leading diabetes, patient, scientific and professional organisations around the common aim of protecting persons living with diabetes from influenza and other viral respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Furthermore, Marco is an active member of the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI).
Starting January 2023, Dr. Goeijenbier has taken on the role of Chair of Medical Research and Education at Spaarne Hospital. Looking ahead to January 2024, he is set to become the Editor in Chief for Nature Springer Tropical Diseases, Travel Medicine, and Vaccines.